Thursday 20 May 2010

Vote for Fable!

So a quick one here, accompanied by a little bit of my thoughts. First off there is the Gamespot Reader's Choice Most Wanted Awards and of course Fable III is up there as one of the options. So, if you're a fan of Fable and the Lionhead team lets support British gaming and the industry, as well as innovation and vote for Fable III as the most wanted game of 2010.

There are a few other good games in there, but if your heart is still in Albion (like mine, and not with Chesty haha) then vote away and make Fable III the winner!

Vote, vote, vote!

As well as that, the latest poll I took was for the Master/Butler debate and it seems a whole lot of you were very keen to be the master. But just remember, the butler sees and hears all, so all you masters out there remember who your bringing back to Castle Bowerstone!

Will have another poll up soon, and also a comment on the concept art posted with this blogpost. I have always liked that evil side of the Hobbe's and I think that at some point this character should make an appearance. Would be good to see something so dark, especially with the whole thing of child labour in 'Victorian' Albion times.

Comment, Follow, Like, and everything else. And remember to vote!


  1. Done it! Voted for Fable IIIK just now.

  2. I hadn't thought I would see it.. An error in grammar. I...I don't know whether I can love you any longer..

    The error I am referring to would be the "your" instead of "you're", in the first paragraph.

  3. What mistake ;) Thanks for pointing that out btw haha

  4. No probem. :D