Sunday 16 May 2010

Morphs & Choices

No not the clay cartoon character who is constantly having problems with paint and the sad loss of his master and controller Tony Hart, but Fable III morphs. So, I was reading the latest article on Eurogamer about the box art and I saw this little morsel at the bottom.

As you can see it has [0] comments and when you click on the link it goes to an internet black hole, but the title itself is enough to warrant some exploration. What this could mean then, is like Fable II where you could undo all of your additions to your character you can completely 'remap' and 'undo' your morphs to your hero for a sweet new look if you get tired of the one you have.

While this sounds pretty cool, and enables that Demon you made to return to his nice simple self this does raise questions about the 'Choices have Consequences' in the game. Surely if your character's look is a product of his actions then you should have to stay with the final morphed look of your hero?

Again, as with most news this is a bit of a stab in the dark, a penny in the well, but maybe worth a little consideration. Will obviously let you all know when we know more about the system in place.

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