Monday 24 May 2010

From the Twitter-verse Part II

So its that time again, time to delve into the world of twitter and find a few morsels for our taste buds to tingle upon. The first comes from Sam, and is interesting as it unearths a little about what is to come for us fans.

So basically the team is all gearing up for e3, possibly the biggest deal in gaming and this could be where we get to see a lot of more playable content from Fable III. Like last time when Fable II made an appearance we had a good length demo part for the press to walk through, and hopefully we shall see that again.

As well as this lets hope for the Judgement mechanic being shown, as well as possibly some more combat and the relationship between player and npc happening to greater effect!

Not only that but he mentions a 'VIDEO' which could be a new trailer for Fable III to be shown soon, or even the next Video Diary and filming more content for that. Both would be sound guesses. Plus, working hard in Fable III seems agiven and lets all send Sam some sweets!

Second up is from Lionhead themselves and they too seem to be working hard. Fable III and Milo are going well, and thats all we could hope to hear.

Keep the wheels turning lads and lasses of Lionhead, can't wait to see how its all going.

Unlocking the Unlockables

So I thought I would have a quick look at the content that we will be getting with the Limited Edition of Fable III and see what clues and hints we can pilfer from the trickle of information.

"· A new quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.

· Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.

· “Fable III” playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in “Fable III,” including Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.

· Guild Seal Coin: The coin features a Good side (blue) and Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will impact the fate of the world forever.

· A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.

· One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your “Fable III” adventures"

First off we have the interesting Legendary Weapon 'Wolfsbane'. Apart from it being an amazingly cool name this not only signifies that legendary weapons are back to complement your own, but that there is the chance to fight animals as well as the monter's of Albion. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

As well as this, Silverpine, a new forest location and indeed feeling almost like the forest we saw in the very first Project Ego trailer. Its good to see that Lionhead have kept that mystery and foreboding in the game.

Another location is present where you can settle down. Maybe this is a nice idyllic spot like the Demon Door house in Oakfield from Fable II or could be something even more fantastical. Here's hoping.

Next up we have the Guild Coin and the Playing cards. While they are not in-game items they are pretty awesome, and I an see myself playing a lot of card games with that set, and perfect for roleplay sessions! As for the coin, gives a whole new edge to decision making in Fable III, would be great to use it for Judgements and therefore the fate really is sealed by the coin toss.

Then we have the two aesthetic unlocks, the boxer dog and the outfit from Aurora. Now, this is going to be sheer awesomeness as my friend owns a boxer dog and they are awesome little pooches. Plus lends fuel to the fire that there will be a whole lot of breeds to choose from when the game comes out.

Now, this is where I go into speculation mode. In Fable II we had the 'Master Chief' outfit which could be donned as well as the awesome energy sword. So, maybe this new costume is another game tie in? With Aurora looking like its going to be 'Arabic' in its appearance and theme, then why not a Prince of Persia costume? Its not too far a possibility, what with games doing a lot of cross overs, but whatever it looks's going to be fabulous. Listen to me there, sounding like Reaver!

Well, enjoy the hype machine rolling on and will have more info for you soon.

P.S. The picture is of a forum users hero who was made to look like the Prince, very good in my opinion!

Saturday 22 May 2010

Fable III Limited Edition Announced

So without much real explanation from me, here is the details on the limited edition of Fable III.

"Limited Collector’s Edition Includes Unique Memorabilia and Unlocks Additional In-Game Action

Lead a rebellion, start a revolution, and rule a kingdom in “Fable III”. Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios present the thrilling new chapter in the “Fable” franchise exclusively on Xbox 360 and Windows. Action, drama, adventure and humor propel the story as players choose their journey to become King or Queen of Albion.

“Fable III” will be available in Standard and Limited Collector’s Editions for Xbox 360. The Standard Edition will retail for $59.99/£44.99/€64.99, while the Limited Collector’s Edition will retail for $79.99/£59.99/€84.99. The Windows version will retail for $49.99/£39.99/€54.99, and will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows – LIVE.

The Limited Collector’s Edition also offers unique collectibles that true “Fable” fans won’t want to miss, including downloadable content, also available for Windows users, as well as in-box items that come with the Xbox 360 version. Wrapped up in a distinctive box created in the likeness of a book from “Fable III,” the contents include:

· A new quest: Uncover the mystery of the haunted forests of Silverpines and earn the legendary sword, Wolfsbane, deadly against wolves and balverines.

· Exclusive location: Unlock a new region, ideal for settling down with a family and discovering new treasures.

· “Fable III” playing cards: Created by Lionhead, these cards depict every type of character in “Fable III,” including Heroes, royals, rebels and villains from across Albion and beyond.

· Guild Seal Coin: The coin features a Good side (blue) and Evil side (red) to assist players in making critical decisions that will impact the fate of the world forever.

· A new dog breed: Renowned for its loyalty, the Boxer is a brave canine companion worthy of greatest Queens and Kings.

· One unique outfit: Unearth one male and female outfit from the mysterious, faraway land of Aurora, a new destination in your “Fable III” adventures.

“Fable III” sets the stage for an unparalleled action and adventure experience, in which you will be called upon to rise from revolutionary to ruler of Albion. The choices and sacrifices you make while fanning the flames of revolution, and then as you rule as King or Queen, will lead to an ever evolving world of consequences that will be felt across your entire land."

Thats one hell of a good value for money set, and damn hell I will be reserving mine asap. Can't wait for it, and some amazing content! Will keep you posted everyone.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Vote for Fable!

So a quick one here, accompanied by a little bit of my thoughts. First off there is the Gamespot Reader's Choice Most Wanted Awards and of course Fable III is up there as one of the options. So, if you're a fan of Fable and the Lionhead team lets support British gaming and the industry, as well as innovation and vote for Fable III as the most wanted game of 2010.

There are a few other good games in there, but if your heart is still in Albion (like mine, and not with Chesty haha) then vote away and make Fable III the winner!

Vote, vote, vote!

As well as that, the latest poll I took was for the Master/Butler debate and it seems a whole lot of you were very keen to be the master. But just remember, the butler sees and hears all, so all you masters out there remember who your bringing back to Castle Bowerstone!

Will have another poll up soon, and also a comment on the concept art posted with this blogpost. I have always liked that evil side of the Hobbe's and I think that at some point this character should make an appearance. Would be good to see something so dark, especially with the whole thing of child labour in 'Victorian' Albion times.

Comment, Follow, Like, and everything else. And remember to vote!

Wednesday 19 May 2010

''Play that funky music...bard?''

So I was listening to the Video Diary again and the opening music too it was pretty funky. I decided to ask on the forum what that wonderful tune was, and thankfully Sam replied and gave us a link to the music site for the tunes used in the video diaries.

So there is his post, click to see it bigger by the way, and below is a quick link to where the tune 'You 2' can be found.

You 2?

Also, don't forget that you can get your hands on not only the Fable: The Lost Chapters soundtrack, but also the Fable II soundtrack as well through iTunes as well as many other music sites. Its well worth checking out as the music is as ever, amazing to listen too when your doing, well...anything. So take some time out to listen to the Bowerlake theme on one of these nice British summer days.

Monday 17 May 2010

Face-Fable & Some Morsels...

The Bloody Stump has gone to Facebook, just in case your there and you want to get yourself some fable news, or see if there are any updates, plus it just looks cool and everyone is doing it now, so I jumped on the bandwagon of blogger-ness.

And now, some fancy screenshots...

Right some of these are new versions of old shots, namely that of Jasper which is a whole lot better with that new HD snap of him. But as well as that there are a few of the houses in detail so you can see the typical Fable humour in action, as well as one of the hero looking down into a village/town.

As well as these there are the now well talked about 'Jack of Clubs' card and the others as well. No one is really sure what it all means, but my thinking is that its just part of the card system and maybe a way of defining the enemy types when you deal with minions.

Enjoy a few more shots therefore, and I will head back to looking through the internet for more news, especially on the topic of morphing. Now, go follow and 'Like' that facebook page for me please haha.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Morphs & Choices

No not the clay cartoon character who is constantly having problems with paint and the sad loss of his master and controller Tony Hart, but Fable III morphs. So, I was reading the latest article on Eurogamer about the box art and I saw this little morsel at the bottom.

As you can see it has [0] comments and when you click on the link it goes to an internet black hole, but the title itself is enough to warrant some exploration. What this could mean then, is like Fable II where you could undo all of your additions to your character you can completely 'remap' and 'undo' your morphs to your hero for a sweet new look if you get tired of the one you have.

While this sounds pretty cool, and enables that Demon you made to return to his nice simple self this does raise questions about the 'Choices have Consequences' in the game. Surely if your character's look is a product of his actions then you should have to stay with the final morphed look of your hero?

Again, as with most news this is a bit of a stab in the dark, a penny in the well, but maybe worth a little consideration. Will obviously let you all know when we know more about the system in place.

Friday 14 May 2010

Fable III Box Art Revealed?

In an effort to get this out quickly, found these pretty neat bits of artwork concerning the Fable III box art. Not only can we see that it highlights that Fable III will be available on not only Xbox 360 but also PC, it shows the hero and the crown that everyone is after. This makes a good departure from the 'Two sides' of the coin that featured on both the Fable and Fable II box, this is a good change.

As well as the above, found this lovely piece of artwork which appears to be the entire piece of concept art. Again, looking rather lovely.

And then finally we have this rather interesting piece, showing a close up of the crown and the sword taking it from below, a violent overthrowing of Logan is inevitable.

When we know more will let you guys know.

Thursday 13 May 2010

Some HD Interview-ness

So I went through the Gametrailers version of the video diary and did some high-def shots of some of the important things I either missed, or wanted to take again from the diary.

The first is this dashing fellow, the 'standard' adventurer package that you will get at the beginning of the game (we assume) where you learn combat and all sorts, as well as your way around the world under the teaching of Walter and Jasper. You certainly look the part of the upstart noble with the need to be broken down and reforged into a hero.

Also found a two more...

This I call 'Gypsy Camp' as you can clearly see the distinctive huts and caravans of the gypsy around the small clearing. This is also interesting as they all seem very clumped together, possibly suggesting that they have really been pushed to the edges of society.

Also there's this little morsel...

Now this looks not like a character model piece, but something from a CGI cutscene, especially given the detail and the program that's being used. Hopefully this will mean that the cutscenes are going to be as epic as the actual game.

Community Spirit

In the spirit of all things Community I thought I would put up a bit of a big link dump for people so they can see the different places they can get their Fable information, and where I draw mine from as well.

The first is...
Lionhead Community Boards of course where you can go and discuss everything Fable and Lionhead with like minded people.

Lionhead Twitter is always good for checking up on minute-to-minute news and will always be good for seeing what the other Developers are doing.

Fablefan101 is the ultimate place for videos and all the trailers and indeed artwork in handy slideshows. Plus this guy always credits me, so I in turn will give him a boost for his good work.

Fable III Facebook Great place to go and become a fan, or 'like' Fable III now. is always an amazing place to go and visit, good forums and has been running for a long, long time. A partner of when it was up an running.

Basically there is a whole lot of stuff out there to enjoy, and even more to find. But if you want the best place for all your Fable III news, in quick and easy to find blogs then look no further than here.

As always, post, comment, like, vote, follow, and suggest to all your friends.

Video Diary II: Fable III

Well the latest video diary is out and damn its a fantastic one. Not only do we have an interview with John Cleese, but we have lots more information and pictures from the game, as well as some concept art and information on what we can expect to happen as the story progresses.

First off, we have a bit of a follow on from the Walter post I made a few days ago. As your sitting in your lavish front room 'Walter' is apparently your combat trainer. So, we have that as a definitive about him. Whether or not he is still the moustached individual that we have seen in the captures and the artwork is yet to be told.

The GUI is shown off, and looks fantastic, and in one of the screen shots below I have focused in on what could be a dye rack, which shows that we can still customise our clothing with different colours.

As well as this there is a nice concept art of what 'could' be Reaver standing there with his cup held out shortly after we see a rather frightening looking playing card. It certainly looked posh enough to be the man who has and wants everything.

We also learn that your butlers name is Jasper (played by John Cleese) and he was the servant of Logan, the Tyrant that is in place at the beginning of the game. But now he is in the service of the young hero and will be doing everything he can to help. The voice over sounds fantastic and he even revealed that there will be the Chicken Suit returning!

Check them all out below!

And who could forget that awesome fire spell towards the end!

But anyway, follow the link to see the video diary in full and hope you enjoy the screengrabs.

Ooh Dead Parrots!

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Interview Screenshots

Was watching that Italian video back and started looking at the background a little bit. Spied a few things that are of interest, well, two pictures that I thought were pretty snazzy.

First off is this...

Which is pretty cool, as it shows off some of the amazing houses that have been built for this game. On a few of the camera shots of the monitors after and before this screenshot you can also see a lot of big smoking towers, large cranes over the rivers and all sorts of industrial hoo-harr.

Here is the second...

It might seem a little worthless an image, but if you look closely you will see where I have highligted another one of the 'Work' posters/concept art that featured on the Reaver Industries t-shirts. Could mean there will be a lot of these plastered around Bowerstone and beyond when you get into the game.

Shall be trawling the internet for more news soon.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Italian Peter Molyneux Interview

There is more ingame footage and more words from Peter in this 7 minute interview from an Italian video gaming site. Its great to see that everyone in Europe is up for getting back into the world of Albion.

After the Cullis Gate...and check out Peter's Claw going on there.

Italian Interview

Demon Doors...Rawr!

Well it looks like the new Demon Doors for Fable III are looking pretty snazzy. Down below I have a snap from the front page of the website, and they have taken a nice new design for the rock gods. Instead of the bearded face we saw before we now have the amalgamation of a lion...and a fantastically spiffing!

These 'Lionheads' will hopefully be appearing all over Albion and beyond when the new game comes out later on in the year. Hopefully with more riddles and a lot more puzzles to solve, and then deadly secrets inside!

Also we have an awesome photo of the Lionhead guys playing paintball from a few weeks ago, hopefully they got rid of a lot of their in-office tensions and they were back to work and kicking ass with more Fable related stuff when they headed home.

More updates soon, and as ever, follow, comment, and involve yourself in one of the best gaming communities out there.