Wednesday 12 May 2010

Interview Screenshots

Was watching that Italian video back and started looking at the background a little bit. Spied a few things that are of interest, well, two pictures that I thought were pretty snazzy.

First off is this...

Which is pretty cool, as it shows off some of the amazing houses that have been built for this game. On a few of the camera shots of the monitors after and before this screenshot you can also see a lot of big smoking towers, large cranes over the rivers and all sorts of industrial hoo-harr.

Here is the second...

It might seem a little worthless an image, but if you look closely you will see where I have highligted another one of the 'Work' posters/concept art that featured on the Reaver Industries t-shirts. Could mean there will be a lot of these plastered around Bowerstone and beyond when you get into the game.

Shall be trawling the internet for more news soon.

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