Friday 25 February 2011

Video Interview: Josh Atkins - Traitor's Keep

I told you there would be more did I not! *Gets that beer you promised me for finding more news*. Now, this is an awesome interview from Gamespot about the Traitor's Keep DLC coming on the 1st of March. Atkins goes into detail on the plot, how it starts and lots of other interesting things about the DLC and how it fits in.

- Happens after the end of the game
- Assassin tries to kill you in the Throne Room.
- Clockwork Island - Mad Inventors place of wonder leading too...
...Robot Dogs, Robots, 'Fable of the Future'
- Three Arch enemies hating on you as the ruler of Albion
- Crush the rebellion and make decisions on their fate.
- Logan's secret base - The Den of Evil -
- Branching paths based on your decisions.
- New weapons and clothing!

- Windows Phone 7 (Coin Golf) game will unlock weapons in the Traitor's Keep DLC.

New PC Screens!

Recently added just today on the site we have a batch of screenshots of the soon-to-be PC version of Fable III. See below for all the awesome in-game shots and the beauty of a nice detailed PC game.

Some delicious morsels there indeed. More to come in the near future this beer swilling bard hopes!

PC Release Dated!

Fable III will also begin an adventure on the PC this May 17th. The story will be the same as the original from the 360 version but will also have a few nifty additions too it. The first is the advent of 3D in the game which brings a new 'dimension' to the world of Albion like you have never seen before.

As well as this the game comes with a PC exclusive Hardcore difficulty mode which is going to amp the difficulty up to 11; to use a nice British film history reference there. Players on the PC could possibly have the same access to DLC as users on the 360 have had, with the possibility of the DLC already released put into the game...but we shall see.

PC Release News

Traitor's Keep - Detailed and Awesome.

So time for the official word on the new DLC for Fable III!!!

Our second announcement will please our enormous fanbase for Fable III; brand new DLC! “Fable III” Traitor’s Keep game add-on will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 560 Microsoft Points on March 1. The Traitor’s Keep game add-on continues the journey as fans venture into three new levels called Ravenscar Keep, Clockwork Island, and the Godwin Estate, taking on new quests and encountering a mysterious prisoner. Traitor’s Keep also comes packed with 250 gamerscore points and additional content.

Link to the Official Lionhead Article

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Traitor's Keep - New Fable III DLC?

After a few whispers on the forums of and those across the pond in America and Canada finding an odd surprise advert on their Live dashboards while they download the Dragon Age II demo...we have possible news of a new DLC pack for Fable III. Could this be it?

From the looks of it; it could be another piece of information let out a liiiitle bit before it was meant too be seen.

With news that they were 'doing something new' over the past two/three weeks we shall see how this develops.

All credit to the folks of the Lionhead Community.

Sunday 20 February 2011

More from Mort

Earlier I posted an image of Mort's Low-Rez Fable art, but now he has gone one further and given us some oldy console Fable music to listen too!

Pretty damn awesome.

...Fable from the Old Days?

Have you ever wondered what Fable would look like if it had been an 80's game? Well look no further...

It's not actually a game, but the wonderful Mort from the Lionhead Forums decided to mock up some fantastic little pixel art for the Fable series and show it off for us all to enjoy.

Click on the picture above to expand it for a proper large view of the image and enjoy what could have been a wonderful text based adventure!

Link to the forum.

Check out the forum to have your say on the cool artwork!

Wednesday 16 February 2011

More Whispering...

Another tweet from the twitterverse confirms that we will be seeing another...

@Rhiarti absolutely! We're editing a new Fable related trailer and I wanted to set it to jolly music! Coffee too, YEAH!

Fable related trailer? For the PC, for DLC? What could it be.

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Fable up for Bafta

Fable is up for....

Best Original Music for the British Academy Video Game Awards, and Mr Shaw better win this!

Bafta Nominations.

Check the link for a full list of the nominations in each catagory and we all wish the Fable team and Russell Shaw the best!

Don't forget to go and have YOUR SAY on Fable III and the rest of the series on the Lionhead Website.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

What's YOUR Fable?

The Developers of the Fable series over at have come up with another nifty survey for those of us who love the Fable world, and its a chance for us to tell them what we feel are the most, and least, important factors in the Fable games we play.

Simply follow this link...
Sam's Survey!

And follow the instructions to get your voice heard about the Fable franchise. Community support is always key to getting a game just right, and Lionhead love their community more than most developers at the moment.

Let them know your thoughts.

Whispers from the Ether?

So news on Fable has been a little on the low side for the past few months, but do not despair. It isn't hard and fast Fable information but with some tweeting on twitter we may have something on the horizon for anyone wanting to be back in Albion sooner rather than later.

"Man its been so long since I captured game footage... I feel rusty. Making rookie mistakes left right and centre. Maybe up and down too..."

DanielUsher Twitter.

"Good morning tweeps, today we start recording game footage. Can't say what for yet, the overlords are reading, but you'll find out soon-ish"

SamVanTilburgh Twitter.

Just two little slithers of information from those within the walls of Castle Lionhead. This could be a new game, this could be the PC version; this could be new DLC? Soon-ish couldn't come sooner in my opinion.