Friday 25 February 2011

Video Interview: Josh Atkins - Traitor's Keep

I told you there would be more did I not! *Gets that beer you promised me for finding more news*. Now, this is an awesome interview from Gamespot about the Traitor's Keep DLC coming on the 1st of March. Atkins goes into detail on the plot, how it starts and lots of other interesting things about the DLC and how it fits in.

- Happens after the end of the game
- Assassin tries to kill you in the Throne Room.
- Clockwork Island - Mad Inventors place of wonder leading too...
...Robot Dogs, Robots, 'Fable of the Future'
- Three Arch enemies hating on you as the ruler of Albion
- Crush the rebellion and make decisions on their fate.
- Logan's secret base - The Den of Evil -
- Branching paths based on your decisions.
- New weapons and clothing!

- Windows Phone 7 (Coin Golf) game will unlock weapons in the Traitor's Keep DLC.