Wednesday 24 March 2010

Being a little Creative...

So was looking at the forum and found that I had a little thread I could actually give a good contribution too. So, follow my example and go to the link below and add your own Fable III box art to the thread, see what the community thinks. Its pretty good, got me flexing the photoshop fingers again that's for sure.

Here is mine anyway!

What do you think? And here is the link...

Box Art!

Also, after a bit of tinkering I thought I would do some colouring in...yes, very primary school but this was on a laptop so its 'cooler'. So, here is my attempt to colour in the wonderful sketches from Fable I and The Lost Chapters.

Enjoy, even the red beard!


  1. I made one myself, a sig to be right..

  2. Owjeah, don't mind the text.. I used this in another text-based game :P