Monday 10 May 2010

Concept Art Bonanza

Thanks to a very cool re-tweet by Lionhead I managed to take a look at this superb article on the concept art of Fable III. What you get to see is utterly amazing, and the concept art is beyond beautiful. There are some stunning vistas to take in, and some amazing detail put into the little things.

Not only do we have some concept art for one of the posters (see left) but also some of the areas that Peter has only mentioned before in his interviews. We get a glimpse at Brightwall, Mourning Wood, and a place called Misty Peaks. As well as this we have some amazing art work for Bowerstone, and also what looks like a ruined mansion.

All I have to say is 'wow' and 'omg' seems to fit the bill with these bits of art, so please, click below to see them in all their glory.

My Eyes!

But if you are too lazy to click a link, here they are hosted by moi!

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