Thursday 13 May 2010

Community Spirit

In the spirit of all things Community I thought I would put up a bit of a big link dump for people so they can see the different places they can get their Fable information, and where I draw mine from as well.

The first is...
Lionhead Community Boards of course where you can go and discuss everything Fable and Lionhead with like minded people.

Lionhead Twitter is always good for checking up on minute-to-minute news and will always be good for seeing what the other Developers are doing.

Fablefan101 is the ultimate place for videos and all the trailers and indeed artwork in handy slideshows. Plus this guy always credits me, so I in turn will give him a boost for his good work.

Fable III Facebook Great place to go and become a fan, or 'like' Fable III now. is always an amazing place to go and visit, good forums and has been running for a long, long time. A partner of when it was up an running.

Basically there is a whole lot of stuff out there to enjoy, and even more to find. But if you want the best place for all your Fable III news, in quick and easy to find blogs then look no further than here.

As always, post, comment, like, vote, follow, and suggest to all your friends.

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