Thursday 13 May 2010

Video Diary II: Fable III

Well the latest video diary is out and damn its a fantastic one. Not only do we have an interview with John Cleese, but we have lots more information and pictures from the game, as well as some concept art and information on what we can expect to happen as the story progresses.

First off, we have a bit of a follow on from the Walter post I made a few days ago. As your sitting in your lavish front room 'Walter' is apparently your combat trainer. So, we have that as a definitive about him. Whether or not he is still the moustached individual that we have seen in the captures and the artwork is yet to be told.

The GUI is shown off, and looks fantastic, and in one of the screen shots below I have focused in on what could be a dye rack, which shows that we can still customise our clothing with different colours.

As well as this there is a nice concept art of what 'could' be Reaver standing there with his cup held out shortly after we see a rather frightening looking playing card. It certainly looked posh enough to be the man who has and wants everything.

We also learn that your butlers name is Jasper (played by John Cleese) and he was the servant of Logan, the Tyrant that is in place at the beginning of the game. But now he is in the service of the young hero and will be doing everything he can to help. The voice over sounds fantastic and he even revealed that there will be the Chicken Suit returning!

Check them all out below!

And who could forget that awesome fire spell towards the end!

But anyway, follow the link to see the video diary in full and hope you enjoy the screengrabs.

Ooh Dead Parrots!

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