Thursday 13 May 2010

Some HD Interview-ness

So I went through the Gametrailers version of the video diary and did some high-def shots of some of the important things I either missed, or wanted to take again from the diary.

The first is this dashing fellow, the 'standard' adventurer package that you will get at the beginning of the game (we assume) where you learn combat and all sorts, as well as your way around the world under the teaching of Walter and Jasper. You certainly look the part of the upstart noble with the need to be broken down and reforged into a hero.

Also found a two more...

This I call 'Gypsy Camp' as you can clearly see the distinctive huts and caravans of the gypsy around the small clearing. This is also interesting as they all seem very clumped together, possibly suggesting that they have really been pushed to the edges of society.

Also there's this little morsel...

Now this looks not like a character model piece, but something from a CGI cutscene, especially given the detail and the program that's being used. Hopefully this will mean that the cutscenes are going to be as epic as the actual game.

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