Tuesday 11 May 2010

Demon Doors...Rawr!

Well it looks like the new Demon Doors for Fable III are looking pretty snazzy. Down below I have a snap from the front page of the website, and they have taken a nice new design for the rock gods. Instead of the bearded face we saw before we now have the amalgamation of a lion...and a man...how fantastically spiffing!

These 'Lionheads' will hopefully be appearing all over Albion and beyond when the new game comes out later on in the year. Hopefully with more riddles and a lot more puzzles to solve, and then deadly secrets inside!

Also we have an awesome photo of the Lionhead guys playing paintball from a few weeks ago, hopefully they got rid of a lot of their in-office tensions and they were back to work and kicking ass with more Fable related stuff when they headed home.

More updates soon, and as ever, follow, comment, and involve yourself in one of the best gaming communities out there.

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