Friday 29 April 2011

Concept Art Trawling

Found just a few more concept art morsels that you all might be interested in seeing just to delve into the comedic side of Fable some more!

Pretty good I think you will agree?

Thursday 28 April 2011

The Dead Hamster - New Lionhead Community Pub

A while ago there was a community chat room for the Lionhead community called The Lionhead Pub. Sadly that was shut down and many of the community still mourn its loss over a pint of beer singing its lament to their fellows. But, Mortalitis Infinitas a community moderator over at the Lionhead forums has taken it upon himself to usher in a new age of drinking and storytelling - and general off topic nonsense - in his new tavern, The Dead Hamster.

If you want to know more about the chat room and generally how the development is going then check out the following links below.

The Dead Hamster Development Thread
Dead Hamster Twitter
Dead Hamster Facebook

Here at The Bloody Stump we wish The Dead Hamster the best of luck in its endeavours and of course, if its open after we shut we will be heading over there for a cheeky late night pint!

Thursday 21 April 2011

Fable III on PC Video Diary!

And here as a wonderful sunny Thursday surprise is the Fable III PC ViDoc!!

Enjoy and delve into the depths of Albion once more.

Fable III PC: Steam and GFWL Launch.

Fable III for the PC is not far off, and today has been released information on the goodies that you will get for pre-ordering and also how its going to be released. On the one hand you are going to have a release over Steam which (if pre-ordered) will net you:-

The Rebel's Weapon & Tattoo Pack, a collection of four weapons and five tattoo sets

And if you order over Games for Windows Live:-

Fable: Lost Chapters for free.

With Fable: The Lost Chapters being a pretty much cheap as chips find in a gaming store or over the internet via download I know which version I would be getting myself.

As well as this as we know the game will ship with tighter PC/Mouse controls and the all new Hardcore difficulty setting for the players. Will certainly have more information for you on that as the PC release date gets closer.

"Our hope is that people who pick up [Fable III] on PC think, 'Okay, this plays how I would expect it to play, it doesn't play like a half-done port,' which is the danger for PC games," lead designer Josh Atkins has said. Link

Ask Lionhead?

No not Jeeves - this time its Lionhead themselves. Lionhead - one of the best community driven developers in the business are opening the gates to the fans to ask them ANYTHING about them, their games, and the industry as a whole.

A good chance to find out about B.C? Maybe a return to Dungeon Keeper? Could it even be about Fable IV. Each Friday Lionhead will pick the best questions and answer them to the best of their ability.

Just fill in the comments section under this post here and Lionhead will do their best to find an answer to your burning question.

Saturday 16 April 2011

Cutlass! - The Fable Tabletop Game Maybe?

We all love Fable here that's for sure and we like to get our Fable on in many other ways (posters, arcade games etc) but I was playing/looking in my rulebook for Cutlass! - a piratical skirmish game for the tabletop - and realised that it would be a fantastic way of wargaming in the world of Albion and the Fable Universe.

The game is set in the Golden Age of pirates and you make up a crew - buy the miniatures and paint them up then set forth to plunder and pillage in a set of scenarios - some eventually of your own creation and watch them rise or fall depending on the luck of the dice and your tactical mind.

The game is created by a pair called Gav Thorpe and Adam Clarke, both people who used to work at Games Workshop so they have a great understanding of how a wargame should work. Adam has been making miniatures in pirate-y form for a while and he wanted a rules set to use them in, and thats where Gav stepped in.

Now - the game can be played with normal pirates and naval officers of course, but what made me look at it for Fable was the introduction of the fantasy pirates you can use in it as well.

We Have...
Naval - Logan's Guard
Pirates - Revolutionaries/Albionites
Orcs & Goblins - Hobbe Pirates
Undead - Hollowmen Pirates
Elves - Potential Auroran Pirates?
(They also do Dwarf Pirates but couldn't think of what they could be - if anything lol)

So there you have it - for those of you wanting something Fable on their tabletop could this be the answer? I sure know I'm going to make myself an Albion based pirates gang and do some senarios and adventures in the world of Albion and beyond. Perfect for staging the attack on Bowerstone Castle and the fights in the Traitor's Keep.

Cutlass! Facebook Page
Black Scorpion Miniatures

I'm even going to use my Fable III Guild Coin to decide who gets to be the one with priority on the first turn haha!! let me know what you guys think.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Sam says bye to!

It truly is a sad day for the Community as the fantastic mind behind the Video Diaries Sam Van Tilburgh is leaving the company for pastures new. There will be one more Video Diary that is coming out, but he will have left by the time that's released.

He has been with the company for just over a decade and has created a fantastic community atmosphere as well as the excellent videos that keep us fans in the know. We wish him luck here from The Bloody Stump and will raise a pint to his travels and wish him the best for the future.

Comment on the video above at youtube to show your love for his tireless effort.

Coin Golf Weapons/Statistics

For those of you lucky enough to have a Windows 7 Phone then you also have access to the Fable: Coin Golf game that came out not too long ago. So, with that in mind and you wondering whether or not you want the game for the extra weapons in Fable III itself, here is a run down of the weapons, their fluff, and of course their legendary questing objectives to buff them up.


A great disaster in another dimension created tear in reality through which this weapon landed in Albion. It is believed that Donna, an inhabitant of the arid wasteland on the other side of the tear, had a sister named Shish, who forged her own weapon.

Chicken Kebab - Kick 50 chickens - Earn guild seals faster in combat.

Chili Sauce - Kill 200 enemies with an unweaved Fireball spell - + Flame Damage.

Nonnom - Make yourself fatter - +18 Extra Damage.


A great Hero named Cumulus imported this sword from a land far away. Despite the extra cost incurred, he believed that lighting coming from the blade nicely complemented his spiky blonde hair

Buster- Hit 150 enemies with flourishes - Earn Guild Seals faster in combat.

Heroic - Increase your moral standing - +19 Extra damage.

Boom! - Kill 2000 enemies with an unweaved Fireball spell - + Lightening Damage


Forged in the nether world, this diabolical weapon originally went by the name of the Ungodly Burning Hammer of the Ferocious Cetacean. It didn't fit on the handle though.

Burning - Kill 200 enemies with an unweaved Fireball spell - + Flame Damage

Ungodly - Decrease your moral standing - +21 extra damage

Whale - Kill 25 large enemies - Gain health with each hit.

So there you have it. Do you think they are worth your cash?