Wednesday 5 June 2013

Fable Anniversary Box Art

The folks from Lionhead have shared the image that will be on the front of Fable: Anniversary which shouldn't be too far away...

There is also this nice looking image of Oakvale with the tag line from the game. For every choice, a consequence.

The game does have a special place in my gaming collection and I will be looking forwards to seeing how it all turns out. I still think we need a Fable II HD remake too though (just saying Lionhead!)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Major Nelson Interview With Lionhead's Ted Timmins

Check out this interview from Major Nelson where he talks to Ted Timmins of Lionhead Studios...

Major Nelson Talks Fable

And above there is a nice comparison of what the game used to look like, and how it is now.

Fable Anniversary (HD Remake) Screenshots

Check out these screenshots from Fable Anniversary (the HD remake) below...

As you can see it's a lot better looking than the previous version of the game. Everything looks a lot smoother and has a Fable III/Journey feel to the aesthetic. That's certainly a step in the right direction.

What do you think?

Fable Returns With A HD Remake!

So it looks like Fable will be coming back to the Xbox 360 with a HD remake. Check out the teaser trailer below...

Watch and enjoy as Jack of Blades is back. Although to be honest I wasn't that thrilled at the news. I wanted them to push things on although I know a lot of fans will be excited by this.

Will you be buying this remake?

Thursday 8 March 2012

Fable: The Journey Gameplay Interview

Peter Molyneux talks us through his thinking on Fable: The Journey...

He seems pretty stoked for the game, and believes in it. But will it truly be as good as he seems to think it will?

Monday 5 March 2012

More Fable: The Journey Screenshots!

Is this looking any better a little under a year on to you folks?

Maybe this is what the Fable-verse needed, a bit of light hearted side-ways fun to break up the gap between III and IV?

More Screenshots from Fable Heroes!

Check out this mass of screenshots of the new Fable Heroes game and let me know what you think of them so far...

Here is the official blurb for the game...

“Fable Heroes” on Xbox LIVE Arcade is an action-packed hack-and-slash adventure set in the “Fable” universe, it is a fresh spin on the franchise, taking playful competition to the next level with four player co-op, time trials and leaderboards on Xbox LIVE. In “Fable Heroes” players work together to defeat enemies while also competing with each other to collect gold coins, which will level up their character and unlock unique items in “Fable: The Journey” when it launches later this year.

The project started out as part of our yearly Creative Day, a day where anyone from the studio can showcase an idea they have for a title. It was green-lit and a 5 person team started working on the title in early 2011

So what do you make of it?