Wednesday 20 July 2011

More The Journey News

So Gamespot have had another look at The Journey with lead artist Tak Sato.

The look of Fable: The Journey will be defined as "a heightened reality; a world full of visual drama as seen through the eyes of a naive young adventurer," said Sato, quoting Lionhead's art director's edict. This naive young adventurer is the hero of The Journey, a young member of a nomadic tribe who is trying to rejoin his friends and family after being separated from them.

The Journey will be set in "the less familiar fringes of Albion", which draws its inspiration from primitive and rural eighteenth century Britain. This included the Scottish highlands, Yorkshire moorland, Irish bogs, and thick woods, Sato said.

Another thing pointed out by the article is that it will see a reduction in the amount of black and dark humor used in the Fable games as well as apparently becoming more accessible than other titles in the Fable Franchise. But, I it really doing more harm than good to have another title which is focused on being all accessable? Are they branding Fable out of its more hoped for hardcore/gamers position?

Let me know... Article

Tuesday 12 July 2011

More Concepts from the Ether!

A few more concept art pieces from the ether (or more appropriatly Widigan from CGHub!) concerning Fable III.

Two of the images are some of the character sheets from the game showing off all the NPC's on offer. While the large - and rather impressive one is from the Traitor's Keep DLC package from the Goodwin Estate where all those failed experiments came from.

Enjoy them folks, and will get back to trying to unearth any Fable info I can.