Friday 26 February 2010

Vidoc Screencapping

So I spent some time watching the Vidoc again and decided I would try and get some screencaps from it for the blog. Got a few good ones of the environments and also of the heroes, both evil and pure. The markings and the wings look fantastic, raven like for the one and angelic for the other.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Fable II Pub Games

Now this is pretty awesome. Someone at the Lionhead boards decided a while back to make themselves a home made and fully functional Fortune's Tower card game...

You can download the .pdf file with the cards here...

Fortune's Tower for Real!

And this prompted me to think about the actual Pub Games themselves. Obviously for Fable III they are going to be pretty awesome I would imagine, but I would just love to see them come out as a browser based/downloadable game for the PC. Would make a hell of a lot of time on Chess seem like a distant memory if they ever did that.

Here's to the Bard...

One of my ideas for Fable III which I did post on their community forums was obviously going to be about Bards. It started out when I was playing on Zelda and then eventually on A Bard's Tale (An excellent game by the way) and began to think of the possibilities of having a rhythmic mini-game based in the taverns of Albion, and well for your hero over all.

It would work as it does in normal mini-games of this type, where you have to hit the buttons at the right time and you play a lovely melody for the waiting crowd. But, being Fable this could all come with a twist and actually 'mean' something for the gamer.

Say you were trying to bribe the guards away from their station, but it wasn't quite working. Why not whip out the lute, strum up a tune of 'The Rat Catcher's Ballad' and lead them down to the local pub. Then, switch it up to 'An Ode to Mr Mopp's' and get them drunk. Suddenly the entrance to that castle seems a lot less guarded.

Obviously it makes the lute a large amount of the gameplay experience but I would think it would just be another interesting use of the type of game Fable could be. Not to mention this would have interesting implications for NATAL support with you actually beating out the tune on your virtual lute.

Here's some of the other songs I dreamt up...

The Guards Lament (Sends the surrounding audience to sleep)

War Hu' Ye' (Rouses the troops)

An Ode to Mr Mopp's (Beer drinking song, makes the audience drunk)

Rat Catchers Ballad (Gets everyone around you to follow, touch is easier to use)

Avo's Tear (Increases the happiness of the audience)

Skorm's Vengence (Makes the audiences angry side come out)

'Your Health is Low' (Prompts the audience to burst into laughter)

On the Grape Vine...

If you want to get involved with the community of Fable and Lionhead then here is a bunch of links to their sources of information...

Fable III on Facebook

Lionhead Twitter

Community Man Sam's Twitter

Peter Molyneux, the man himself, Twitter!

Lionhead Forums, Blog, Community Hub

All your stops for Fable III news!

Awesome little Hobbe

I don't think I'm alone in hoping that Lionhead release a little lovely Hobbe with Fable III. I mean look at the one which 'was' going to come with your Fable II Limited Edition!

I want...and I sure as hell think everyone else does! Or even a Balverine one, that would rock too.

Travelling Hobbes

Check out the video

Features Round-up

A little bit of an round-up of the features we 'know' are going to be in Fable III

1) No experience anymore. You grow in power and such from the amount of followers you have.

2) No health bar. The game environment is now the indicator like Gears of War/Call of Duty with the screen showing how close you are to death.

3) Weapons are the 'upgrades' now and will be unique to your character. You make the weapon what it is by your deeds and choices.

Example: You kill lots of innocents then your weapon will look evil and drip with blood. You kill evil doers, your sword will glow with heavenly power. You hunt down animals and slaughter them, your sword will be gilded with icons of balverines or bones.

4) You can now 'touch' NPC's. This involves tapping the trigger buttons and you lead them wherever you want too. In the demo he showed this was too a nice safe place, and the other, struggling with the NPC and dragging him off too the poor house to be sold into slavery. He also demoed seeing your daughter and picking her up, playing with her. And another, scolding her.

5) The weapons mentioned earlier can be sold across Xbox Live and each one will be individual since it was crafted by your own decisions in the game.

6) Co-Op will now be BOTH players heroes and you will have both your dogs. You will also be able to split up and go wherever you like in the world your playing through, no stuck to the same screen anymore.

7) No HUD at all, the screen will just be you and the world, indicators from the environment and the characters within it being your cues (aka your dog still sniffing out treasure and the breadcrumb trail showing the way to go)

8 ) Showing your true colour's will come in the form of a pair of mighty ethereal wings that sprout from your back during combat and when cued by an emote. These will either be angelic or demonic depending on your alignment. (and they don't look silly either which is good) This will be matched with tattoos on your body akin to those of Illidan in Warcraft and such.

Think thats all of it. Also if you watch the video diary you will see a lot of the aesthetic changes like the wings talked about and the combat changes. It looks a lot more dynamic and fast flowing, with some interesting take downs. Basically they are making you into one bad-ass hero this time around.

Lionhead wants you!

As the title says, good old Lionhead have opened a survey for the fans to see what they want as their extra content with Fable III. I vote a fan-submitted omnibus of literature, add your ideas!

Lionhead 'Stuff' Survey

Peter then, Peter now

Stepping back in time a bit, here is an interview from the man himself Peter Molyneux back when he announced Fable III last year.

Fable III Reveal Interview

This one is from X10 by IGN and is after his demo to the press showing off the newest build of Fable III.

Interview from X10

Interesting to see how things have changed only a year or so after the reveal.

Barnum's Screenshot Emporium

So for all you people hungry for some screenshots, here is the latest bundle of them from Lionhead themselves. After X10 the posted these on their website and I don't mind saying they are pretty fantastic.

Some Useful Links

So here is a few useful links for you guys to have a look at. First one is of course...

Lionhead Video Diaries

Followed by...

Fable III Game Site

Just to get you going with some footage and the basic info on Fable III at the moment.

First Beer?

So, Fable III was announced a fair while back now but this blog is here to document the continued progress of the game and update all the fans with news on its development and any industry secrets I can tease out of the internet.

Just an introductory post for now, but look out for more today where I go into detail about what they have on offer with Fable III right now and what you can expect in the near future.

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