Friday 19 November 2010

Fable III: DLC Idea No: 2

The Lost Boys

Set deep in the swampy marshland of Mourningwood search for a lost group of children taken from their beds by an evil spirit. However, as you look deeper into the mysterious disappearances you find that everything is not quite as it seems. Uncover the mystery of the Lost Boys and maybe you will be able to settle the minds of the parents of Albion once more.

The DLC would be a quest set into a new part of Mourningwood leading away from the eco-warrior village in the swamps. You would be tasked by the leader of the village (or his replacement if you killed the other) to find out what is happening to their children who have been going missing in the middle of the night. The DLC would open up a new region which would be around the size of Mistpeak. Would be a winding wood-like maze with the feel of the marsh part of Mourningwood, very dark and secluded. As you look deeper into the mystery and follow the trail of notes left by someone only known as 'P' you find clues to the children's plight. Piles of toys found under trees, caves filled with beds with no-one in them which eventually leaves you to put together a set of clues to solve a riddle in the woods...which in turn leads to a secret glade in the woods.

When you find it this fellow...(old Fable II Concept art)

Has seemingly been capturing the children to turn into a Hobbe army through the use of a magical artefact. This leads too you defeating him, or helping him in his task. Either asking you to bring him the last sacrifice to his den so he can turn the child into the final hobbe needed to overwhelm Mourningwood and turn it into a Hobbe village, or fighting him and freeing the souls of the children who have been captured by his magic dealings.

Would either gift you the legendary weapons...

Evil Choice: The Hobbeiests Hammer - A Hammer forged by....well, stuck together by hobbes.

The Hammer would be rather crude looking, made of bone etc and have 1) Kill 100 Villagers 2) Steal 50 items of food 3) Get Fat

Good Choice: The Charity Boom Stick - A pistol which rewards you for being rewarding.

A rather basic looking pistol with little flashiness and would have 1) Donate 1,000,000 gold to the treasury 2) Give 50 Gifts to villagers 3) Give your autograph to 30 children.

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  1. Wow, that's a really good idea. That child-catcher really freaks me the fuck out. I was sad when I found out of his existence and they didn't use him in Fable 2, he seemed like he could be a great addition.