Friday 19 November 2010

Fable III: DLC Idea No:1

"Hollows & Hobbes (3rd Edition, revision

Return back to the table top with the Orb of Magika once again and experience a new adventure in the world of Hollows & Hobbes. With the evil baron dead and the princess rescued this new module takes you deeper into the web of intrigue weaved by the awful baron and his teddy bear factory...of doom!

Explore the distant area of the Afterthought Lands and find the source of the barons power, and your ultimate enemy! With new weapons and new items from The Collected Treasury of Galdo Gygaxian you can vanquish your foes in fantastic new ways...and see if you can hold off against the dangerous Flaming Chickens of Doom!, a new creature for this edition of the game!"

Would basically be set up in Bowerstone where the table is and would have a set of adventures you could do with different ending rewards. Some could be joke rewards and others could be serious...but would be more funny to have joke ones. Maybe could bring back The Frying Pan +1 which would be upgraded from 1) Eating Food 2) Making Pies and 3) Beating up Hobbes who would steal your dinner!

Would also maybe have a similar set up to Reavers wheel of death where you could go back into the room where you pull the lever surrounded by arrows and would send random mobs of enemies at you, defeat them in the time limit etc and would get odd bonuses as you played.

Note: This is not DLC...this is purely an idea.

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