Saturday 6 November 2010

Fable III Bug Updates

There have been, as with Fable II a lot of bugs popping up in Fable III. I have had a few today but nothing that has been game breaking, and I have reported it to the Bug Report page, like you should all do to ensure that Lionhead can fix the problems.

In the mean time, check out these signatures from the Kingmaker App for you to use on forums to show your support to either the Bowerstone Rebels or Logans Royalists. I find it kinda funny that Major Swift is the picture for the Royalists...but again that's a spoiler so will leave that for you to find out in the game itself. Hope your enjoying Fable III as much as I am.

They are a little small, but they would mess up the layout otherwise heh. But anyway, check below for the link to the bug report page so you can get your problems solved in the coming weeks by the patch.

Report the bugs!

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