Tuesday 23 November 2010

Understone DLC Review

I went out especially to pick up some points for the DLC for Fable III last week. I have managed to avoid the urge to buy Live Arcade games, and other assorted goodies (although I did have a brief lack of patience when I bought the Priests Robes from Assassins Creed: Brotherhood)and now have downloaded the new Quest Pack, and the Dog Potion. Let's see how it goes...

First off I went straight to the Shooting Range to try that out, always up for challenge me. The introduction to the area is fairly comical and reminded me of the introduction that the town guard gave in Fable when you entered Bowerstone for the first time. After looking around to see if there was actually anything else to buy I popped up to the shooting range to try my luck.

Without much need for bluster I have to say that the Shooting Range was pretty damn fun. If you played Fable II then this won't be anything new too you but its fast paced and indeed rather challenging at times. It took me two tries to get my hands on the new guns on offer (The Money Maker and the Black Dragon)with a mighty 535 points...alas it wasn't enough to upgrade one of the guns but we shall give it time. The range is instantly replayable and with the other gifts you can get from setting good scores it's worth a few more tries at least.

Second up was Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune. Now, since this is in Reaver's Mansion it's exactly the same take as you had when you played the Masquerade Quest. You fight waves of enemies from the spinning wheel of death while Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry shout things at you for doing well, or awful. Again I managed to rack up a good enough score to get my hands on the two prize weapons, and I think as a piece of returnable DLC with the added ability to do so with Co-Op it's almost as much fun as going through the Crucible or the Arena in Fable II.

Last but certainly not least is the quest for Understone itself. Without wanting to put too much of a spoiler in your midsts you travel down under Bowerstone to find out the mysterious source of a mechanical voice haunting a factory above the surface. The way down is typically fable, with some rather interesting combat encounters and the sense of danger mounting as you reach the end. It doesn't last all that long, so if you were hoping for a massive expansion...this isn't it. And while its a pretty sweet quest, its a little bitter sweet as you realise it's all ended too quickly. Something I think most Fable fans would feel for all the games in the series. The decision at the end however is rather important so have a think before you make it.

Overall the pack is fairly well priced. It's not the longest, but its fairly interesting and gives some replay value for those who want to best their Live friends at even more Fable related content. For 400 Points you could do a lot worse, and if your a die hard Fable fan you might want to pick this up. With a fix coming soon as well, will be pretty good going.



  1. probably getting it :D

  2. Glad to hear, I really liked it. The small cost was worth it in my opinion. Especially with the new hair pack heh.