Thursday 11 November 2010

Need A Guiding Hand?

So we love Fable here, well I do anyway! And I picked up the Fable II Guide a few weeks after I had completed the game to try and help me through some of the rough spots I had experienced as I was playing, as well as to find all the secrets. So here is some awesome news about the Fable III guides!

Above is the normal edition of the guide with...

"The Fable III Limited Edition Signature Series Guide" picks up the story of life in Albion over half a century after the events of Fable II. Your quest is to overthrow a megalomaniac sibling and save a continent on its knees. This limited edition guide tracks the decisions you make, determining the type of ruler you become. Exclusive quest guides and maps provide an unprecedented knowledge of the games dig spots, gnomes and secrets. Included is a stand alone art section, with a limited edition dust cover and multiplayer tactics for co-op and competitive modes.

Fable III and The Kingdom of Albion have never been explored in such detail, but how will you gain and control the wealth and power you crave?

Signature Series Guide:
Complete Quest and Promise Guide
All Main and Option Quests Are Covered
Learn what can befall Your Hero with Each Promise Made and Discover What happens if you Keep it ... or not.
Albion Atlas
Area Information – Shot Listings, Job Sites and Location of Demon Doors
Beautifully Illustrated Maps – Gnomes, Books, Keys, Dig Spots, Dive Spots, Chests - Find Every Secret Spot in the Game.
Real Estate Guide
Prices, Rent, repairs and Decorating Tips
Strategies for Wealth Accumulation

But if you are more of a hardcore fan of the series maybe you want this?

This version is very special and...

This special hardbound Edition includes everything in our Signature Series guide, plus exclusive content not available anywhere else!
Exclusive 80-Page Art Gallery! Packed with breathtaking concept art and fascinating commentary from the developer.
Get One of four Deluxe, Collectible Covers! Beneath the striking dust jacket (which is a beautiful piece of art in and of itself), each volume features one of four limited-edition covers. Deluxe print treatments highlight these dramatic cover images. These are randomly assorted so you wont know what cover you get until you open the package at home!
Additionally, the Limited Edition guide contains a virtual IN-GAME TATOO for your character available only with purchase of this guide!
Also Included:
Complete walk-through which leads the player through the entire game with ease.
Comprehensive statistical breakdown of every weapon and item.
Locations of every hidden item in the game..
Exclusive maps illustrate the game's multiple worlds and pinpoint critical locations.
Multiplayer coverage provides expert tactics for cooperative and competitive game modes, including Versus, Arena, Command Board, and Rumble Racing.

What takes your fancy? Go here and see what you think, maybe buy a copy?

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