Saturday 16 April 2011

Cutlass! - The Fable Tabletop Game Maybe?

We all love Fable here that's for sure and we like to get our Fable on in many other ways (posters, arcade games etc) but I was playing/looking in my rulebook for Cutlass! - a piratical skirmish game for the tabletop - and realised that it would be a fantastic way of wargaming in the world of Albion and the Fable Universe.

The game is set in the Golden Age of pirates and you make up a crew - buy the miniatures and paint them up then set forth to plunder and pillage in a set of scenarios - some eventually of your own creation and watch them rise or fall depending on the luck of the dice and your tactical mind.

The game is created by a pair called Gav Thorpe and Adam Clarke, both people who used to work at Games Workshop so they have a great understanding of how a wargame should work. Adam has been making miniatures in pirate-y form for a while and he wanted a rules set to use them in, and thats where Gav stepped in.

Now - the game can be played with normal pirates and naval officers of course, but what made me look at it for Fable was the introduction of the fantasy pirates you can use in it as well.

We Have...
Naval - Logan's Guard
Pirates - Revolutionaries/Albionites
Orcs & Goblins - Hobbe Pirates
Undead - Hollowmen Pirates
Elves - Potential Auroran Pirates?
(They also do Dwarf Pirates but couldn't think of what they could be - if anything lol)

So there you have it - for those of you wanting something Fable on their tabletop could this be the answer? I sure know I'm going to make myself an Albion based pirates gang and do some senarios and adventures in the world of Albion and beyond. Perfect for staging the attack on Bowerstone Castle and the fights in the Traitor's Keep.

Cutlass! Facebook Page
Black Scorpion Miniatures

I'm even going to use my Fable III Guild Coin to decide who gets to be the one with priority on the first turn haha!! let me know what you guys think.

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