Monday 17 May 2010

Face-Fable & Some Morsels...

The Bloody Stump has gone to Facebook, just in case your there and you want to get yourself some fable news, or see if there are any updates, plus it just looks cool and everyone is doing it now, so I jumped on the bandwagon of blogger-ness.

And now, some fancy screenshots...

Right some of these are new versions of old shots, namely that of Jasper which is a whole lot better with that new HD snap of him. But as well as that there are a few of the houses in detail so you can see the typical Fable humour in action, as well as one of the hero looking down into a village/town.

As well as these there are the now well talked about 'Jack of Clubs' card and the others as well. No one is really sure what it all means, but my thinking is that its just part of the card system and maybe a way of defining the enemy types when you deal with minions.

Enjoy a few more shots therefore, and I will head back to looking through the internet for more news, especially on the topic of morphing. Now, go follow and 'Like' that facebook page for me please haha.

1 comment:

  1. Love your Blog. I site this blog on my blog all the time.
    This is just another site for info seekers to go for Fable III. I probably won't be on after this month till end of July-middle of August tho.