Saturday 8 May 2010

A Lionhead PSA

Well there you have it, that's the word from Lionhead. Smoke and you will certainly look like this guy. Whether that's a good thing or not is up to you to decide. But, it does look pretty snazzy and shows the amount of detail that has gone into the charater models and the whole look of the characters you can play as.

Something that interested me was that the character models now look drastically different. Whereas before you had characters that you could tell were from the same stock, the same sort of face shape etc, this time around it seems like your character will be truly unique. If you compare this screenshot to one of the blonde haired boy from the other latest batch you will see what I mean.

Plus, blood splattering and the ever so cool scars seem to be around as well, so can't wait for that!

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