Friday 7 May 2010

Are we there yet?

Well we are nearly. The community area of the Lionhead website is almost up and running according to their list of 'how things are going' on the website. The wonderful Madonna inspired boob presenting street-lover that is presenting the forum should not be there much longer, and hopefully replaced by something a whole lot more dashing and suave.

Update: Apart from a small replication issue with our servers we're ready to open up the new website... Sorry for the delays!

Update: The Windows LIVE login has gone through a rigorous test and is still standing strong. Nothing is straightforward though...

Update: We can't believe it; one of the most popular threads on our forum is kaput!

Update: We're missing some files but nothing we can't track down...

That's been their lovely updates. Its still nice to see a gaming studio working hard to let the fans know where things are and how they are going.

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