Sunday 9 May 2010

Gamespot: Touch Detailed

So the final video from Gamespot's week of Fable has come out today. And boy was it a good one. Peter goes into detail on a few things, namely the way in which the story has grown and developed from the typical standard of gaming lore to something which will truly feel like a rise to power.

The biggest thing about the interview however is just how much detail Peter went into about the Touch mechanic. Now, we know that you use the Left Trigger on your controller to stretch out your hand to any prospective npc's nearby. Then what happens is decided on the way in which the npc's view your character. If they like you, they may shake your hand. If they hate you they may run away. If they worship you they could even go on their knees and bow to you!

Well, once the introduction has been made you then use the thumbstick to guide your actions, be it a pull, a hold of hands, dragging along or anything of the sort. This way the touch becomes dynamic and will then change according to the environment and what that npc is like. As we saw this can come become pretty hectic when the hero in an older video of the touch mechanic yanked the pauper to the slave mill!

As well as this he talked again about his fabulous GUI, and now with a push of the start button (yay so simple) you are transported to your Guild Chambers where you can dress up, suit up, arm up, spell up, dive and rub yourself with gold...anything you like all with the help of John Cleese.

Pretty awesome interview and its here after the jump.

The Last one!


  1. Jesse Ray pierce13 May 2010 at 07:23

    At 1:59 on this video you will see someone who looks like they could be your butler same on the combat video with Josh Atkins it shows up at time 4:20

  2. Ah cheers mate, will have a good look.