Friday 7 May 2010

Kingsley's Shacklebolting!

If people out there haven't read the Harry Potter books, Kingsley Shacklebolt is a wizard from the series, and that's where that grand connection lies with this awesome new story. Ben Kingsley, one of THE most awesome actors in Britain is going to be joining the Fable III team!

"How...royal! Actor Sir Ben Kingsley has confirmed that he's part of Lionhead's Fable III cast, joining other Brit celebs in this year's release.

Kingsley told CVG: "I'm a voice in a new video game shortly - Fable III. I'm a wonderful wizard character who is the king of Mist Peak."

Kingsley is getting around games, isn't he. He'll also star in a game movie, this month's Prince of Persia film.

"It's very energising and good for us actors to realise that [acting] is so diverse now," the actor tells CVG. "[Games] are as big a jump now as I suppose when cinema was invented, when people went from the stage to the cinema thinking: It's not really acting, is it? Now, it's video games - and it is acting. It's very demanding."

We'll get to see and hear Ben Kingsley's work when Fable III is shown off during E3 this summer."

So some pretty awesome stuff! King of Mist Peak, seems to be a lot of Kings around. Maybe we have to get our negotiating claws out and speak to a lot of royal old farts and get them rallied against Lucien?

More to come.

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