Wednesday 24 March 2010

More Voice Actors Join the Cast

So we know that the awesome Stephen Fry is going to be putting his mark on the game, returning as Reaver in Fable III. But who else is going to be walking the streets of Albion? Well the first, according to his Twitter feed is going to be Jonathan Ross who, in response from Sam will be code named 'Barry' for now. Whether or not that's the actual name of his character we do not know, but its all pretty interesting stuff.

Ross, who is one of Britain's best loved chat show/radio hosts has previously been in Halo 3, part of the 'extra' voice work that you can hear from marines as they wander around killing Covenant. But, just from his picture here he would be right at home in the quirky world of Albion.

As well as this we have the tweet from Sam that there is another famous woman's voice returning and he is off to film here today. This is a double-whammy as not only does it possibly point to the voice of Hammer returning, but also that the next Video Diary is going to be pretty interesting, possibly looking into the characters we will meet along our journey.

Will keep you posted as always.

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