Friday 19 March 2010

Fable III Begins

Peter has been tweeting again, and this time about how he is not sure how the start of the game will be received by the gamers. Like its two predecessors' the game will begin with very little in the way of combat and more in tune with that of drama and dramatics to set the scene and train the player.

While this could be pretty much a killer for most games, in Fable this should not be this bad. With the advent of the new Touch mechanic as well as a lot of story to tell, including what has happened in the past 60 years and setting up the story of Logan, its understandable that combat takes a back seat for story telling for a little while.

The vast majority of fans have responded well to this and take it as a good sign that Fable III will be longer, and the story will be the main focus of a lot of the game. Sounds good to me.

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