Monday 22 March 2010

Hot Air?

I usually do not put much of a thought towards OXM UK or indeed the American version. But when I saw this article about Peter and Fable III I was a little bit peeved.


I would be inclined to actually believe and think about their statement in the article were it not for the fact that their reviewers did not even fully finish Fable II and did not know who Reaver was, or that it was voiced by Stephen Fry! Smacks a little of laziness to me, its not as if the game is that long story wise and bare bones to finish.

Either way, ranting aside and a calm hat on. They believe that Peter is spewing hot air and gas on the gaming front again, with innovation and such like, but to be honest surely all he has said is that they are starting again and making it all the better for the player. If he started showing content now surely thats like shooting yourself in the foot if it doesn't meet the final cut?

Would like to here your opinions on this, but in my mind I don't see anything wrong with Peter's enthusiasm at this point...coming from a critical standpoint here.

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