Thursday 11 March 2010

Crumbs from the Twitter Bird Table...

So, Peter's talk has begun as I write this, and filling it in with some of the nice morsels of information I get all over the net. When this post actually hits it will be after the talk is over, so...will be a good list of things he has been talking about.

1. From Louise Murray's twitter "Peter Molyneux is describing how & why Fable III is moving to the Action Adventure genre"

2. Revealing the new inventory system. No longer a 2D list which has to be scrolled through, is now 3D!

3. Talking about combat, showing off the new fighting mechanics we hope.

4. Funny one Peter: "How many of you bought Fable II but didn't complete it?" - (raised hands) - Peter: "Yeah quite a few you bastards"

5. Manhandling of beggar going on...dragging a man through the streets to the workhouse. Showing off the Touch mechanic we presume.

6. John Cleese will be your Butler! Even if they did screw up the widescreen and aspect ratio of their inventory presentation, good news.

7. Combat demo running and well, damn fine finishers that got many ooooohs and ahhhhs from the crowd it seems!

8. Some of the crowd (ladies in front of Louise) found the finishers 'gruesome' NICE.

9. Sam verifies that you get the gruesome kills if your a 'Baddie' and less ones if your a 'Goody'

10. Demo finishes after a combat showing, onto questions and answer session now...should reveal some more morsels lets hope!

11. They could not comment on my merchandise question, lets hope that we do get a Hobbe this time around.

12. Confirmation again that you and your dog can enter another players world AS your hero, not a mercenary.

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