Wednesday 9 February 2011

Whispers from the Ether?

So news on Fable has been a little on the low side for the past few months, but do not despair. It isn't hard and fast Fable information but with some tweeting on twitter we may have something on the horizon for anyone wanting to be back in Albion sooner rather than later.

"Man its been so long since I captured game footage... I feel rusty. Making rookie mistakes left right and centre. Maybe up and down too..."

DanielUsher Twitter.

"Good morning tweeps, today we start recording game footage. Can't say what for yet, the overlords are reading, but you'll find out soon-ish"

SamVanTilburgh Twitter.

Just two little slithers of information from those within the walls of Castle Lionhead. This could be a new game, this could be the PC version; this could be new DLC? Soon-ish couldn't come sooner in my opinion.

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