Friday 30 April 2010

Son of Son of Chesty?

I have been thinking about the new things that will be appearing in Fable III and how its going to relate to what has happened before in Fable II. The first thing that came to mind is all the odd little side-quests that we undertook in Fable II. The picture just to the left is of 'Son of Chesty' the trophy you are awarded along with the shard of his heart when you complete his little mind bending quest.

Well, in that way I was thinking how awesome it would be for there to be more of this kind of thing in Fable III. We all love a good puzzle and a good fright, and Chesty was more than able to make things go with a scary bang. Pitting us against our wits as well as our enemies. And all by reducing you to a small and doomed child wandering in a nightmare world.

If the Son of the Son of Chesty should make an appearance, ready for vengeance and wanting to make you his super best friend again, then I will be one happy bard.

As well as this there is the spooky Terry Cotter's army that dwells within one of the demon doors. We want to see more of the freaky suits of armour and the darker side of life in the world of Albion, bring them back Lionhead!

Finally but not without merit is the 'down the rabbit hole' quest we saw in the DLC for Fable II. Was utterly amazing to have that little bit of oddity in there, and this is what Fable II and Lionhead does best.

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