Friday 23 April 2010

Networks and Lakes

Thought I would add a new blogpost since there has been some nice twittering from the Lionhead team. This is the first and possibly best news for you guys (see left) as that certainly means that things are progressing well.

It all good news and that's the best kind of news. And a note from the team, there won't be any cats with machines guns just to make things clear. I'm personally hoping for a lot more concept art from the guys at Lionhead, and especially my favourite artist from their team Matt Allsopp.

And now some calm pictures to help you through the last few hours of this Friday. They are from the offices of the Lionhead team, and they are situated around a fantastic lake that you always see at the start of the Video Diaries the team creates.

Talking of Video diaries, from what I can gather the next one is not too far away so you should keep an eye on the community page for more updates and then finally the video itself. Also included are some pictures from the Lionhead BBQ session happening today. Roasting meat just like that damnable dragon did until St George came and slew him. Nice little aside there, St George killed the last dragon, so did the Jack Slayer in Fable.


  1. Matt Allsopp hasn't worked there in a long time.

  2. He was working for them on Fable II I noticed, and then it said on his cgHUB that he was working on Fable III. Presumed that was true, but can always presume wrong of course.