Wednesday 21 April 2010

Fable II Hero

Ah the Fable II hero. Well, since my entire roster of Fable II heroes and heroines was wiped for some reason. Damn you 360. I have had to start all over again, and make my definitive hero for the upcoming release of Fable III. And here he is, Bard, or Blade as he is known in the game.

I always try and set out to make a believable hero, that could be at home in the world of Albion. And hopefully with Blade I have done just that.

For a run down of his gear...
Hair - Unkempt
Beard - Poet
Bandit Shirt - Dyed Grey and Tan
Explorer Trousers - Dyed Tan
Explorer Boots - Dyed Tan
Peasant Gloves - Dyed Tan
Weapon - Steel Longsword
Ranged - Clockwork Pistol

From the looks of him, I have dabbled a little in magic, mainly only confusion spells and the odd bit of slowtime to help things along. He is corrupt in his ways, hence the yellow eyes but he is still pure of action. He just likes the girls and the beer a little too much, and of course all the money.

There's a close up of his face, showing off the beard, a few scars and whatnot about his face. He is a pretty burly fighter but he does a lot more drinking than he does saving people from balverines. Also its making it a bit more challenging using the steel longsword all the way through, but I like that.

Will have more from him as the game progresses and will let you know what he looks like when he is King of Albion!

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