Tuesday 27 April 2010

The Bard's Jaunt

So I was thinking after we have had a little discussion about the lovely tipples for the adventurer, be that wine or beer, we have come out with a clear winner in favour of the golden ale! Seems about right, although all those who favoured the more high cultured drink were also up in arms. So, being one of a bardic mind and always searching for a good reason to go and round up pals for a bar crawl or two with bawdy songs and drinking games about dragons and hobbes, I decided to do a little late night blogging and reveal my favourite bars in Albion.

The Lucky Heather
This first tavern is located in the rainy old province of Rookridge. Sadly it was in a bit of a state of disrepair when your hero first makes an appearance there, being home to Dash and his bandits of course. But, with a little bit of a spruce up and getting rid of the bandits infesting the area, it becomes a nice little place for a drink.

For the well intentioned it is also a place later in the game to deal with the 'Something Rotten' quest which is something of a surprise for those who go unprepared! For the more...well...shadowy...customer it is also a good place to get the patrons drunk and lead them off to that temple of shadows situated just at the top of the hill.

Either way, with a spectacular view out over the bay and when all is dealt with a fine and well to do pub interior, can't say no when sitting down to a good beer in there.

The Lepers Arms
My second on the list is for its rather questionable atmosphere of course. When a bard needs something done he doesn't turn to the law, but the dark underbelly of society, well...ok, the pirates with one leg and very little of their mind left.

To be a fan of this pub needs little explanation. Located in Bloodstone, surrounded by ruffians and sea dogs you can get away with a fight here, shoot the vagabond who keeps kicking your dog, get drunk and not get kicked out of town and even jump around the tavern like something out of Tortuga.

Plus, with the pirates treasure quest waiting in there for you, its the perfect place to go and enjoy yourself when you fancy a little bit of the wild side. Thankfully however for the more careful individual there is always the boat on the harbour to take you back to the nice and relaxed Westcliff if you please.

Thats just two for now, and will certainly be talking about more in the future. Right now, going to go and get my beer from The Bloody Stump (I will go into much greater detail with this one day, just you wait), sit down with a pipe and my dog Felix and watch the townspeople go by on their way home from a late nights drinking.

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