Saturday 10 April 2010

Fable III Hits OXM

The new issue of OXM UK is now out. There's some fantastic information and of course there is plenty of pictures. The cover art we can show here, but the inside images we are not allowed too, copyright and all that...

So head down to your local stockist and ask for the new OXM UK, and if you are from overseas then head online to order it to your country.

Hopefully we will see some proper pictures from the article online once the magazine has been out for a bit. The embargo on the pictures must have been until the release of OXM, this space.


  1. hey there i was just wondering if maybe you can scan the inside photos then send them to my E-mail. This would be very appreciated, because we dont get OXM where i am.

    My E-mail:

    and lastly if you do thank you !

  2. Will see about getting them for you.

  3. It says "world exclusive", I have the british version but I assumed that it was indeede a "world" exclusive. Maybe I'm wrong.

  4. Well no other magazine has the screenshots/information in it that the UK OXM does. But, check out the latest blogpost.