Wednesday 21 April 2010

Fable III & Music

Everyone loves the Fable series for its music. Some of the best scores ever written for a video game. Well, with Fable III this will surely continue, but how is the music going to play out? Here are a few suggestions from my mere mortal self.

First off, everyone loves Bards. In a previous post way back when I began this blog I talked about the needs for Bards to play a better role in the game. Playable songs, usable songs, and just plain funny songs for the tavern. I mean, look they even went as far as 'nearly' putting Bards in World of Warcraft (See picture above) so its got to be on every ones wish list!

Secondly, love the classical epicness of the last two soundtracks. But, with the new age and the new power of steam and iron maybe this will effect the music? Would love to hear the sounds of industry slinking through the classical tones, adding that extra bit of awkward change to the melody and creating an all together different ambience within the game, especially when you will then transition from natural surroundings to the bustling city.

Go and join in the discussion on music at the Lionhead Forums...and as always, comment, follow and vote on the blogspot itself. Enjoy your evening, and lets hope the Ash cloud moves and doesn't stop work on Lionhead's baby too much longer.

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