Monday 26 April 2010

Reaver's Workers

So been spying into the twitter-verse again and found this little tshirt that I assume the Lionhead team have been wearing these past few weeks. Heck this could also be some of the first bits of merchandise that we could be getting from Lionhead in the run up to the release of Fable III at the end of the year.

Looks pretty flash and shows that Reaver is going to be taking a whole lot more of a role in the next game than just a mere side role. Not a bad thing to have a lot more Stephen Fry in the game methinks.

Some things of note are the Spire in the middle of the image. Maybe the Spire has been taken over by the undying lady (and men's) man and we should be looking to see where poor Theresa has ended up! Also the gear is pretty much a sign of industry, maybe Reaver has been putting some colonial peoples into a bit of a workforce like something out of Mr Dicken's novels.

Since the last poll has done so well again going to be doing a little featurette on my favourite pubs from Fable and Fable II. Watch this space people.


  1. can you possibly give me a link to this tweet


    There you go mate.