Thursday 12 August 2010

The Winds of Magic!

So we all love magic in Fable games. How about if you can combine spells together for utterly devastating effects? Sounds pretty ace doesn't it, well look no further than the powerful force that is spell weaving.

In a recent spate of awesome screenshots and videos we have been shown a glimpse of just how the spell weaving looks and obviously some fantastic little morsels in terms of the locations and enemies on offer.

First off, there is a fantastic video showing off a new character, Major Swift as you fight in Mourningwood against the relentless hordes of the undead, very cool.

We see not only Major Swift, but Walter as well your trusted companion. Also the other NPC from the coverage by OXM some while ago is there as well. His name however is unknown.

We get a glimpse of the powerful wings in action, the pounding relentlessness of the attacks, the hollowmen return! as well as some gruesome new ally in the form of the risen big bad guy at the end!

All looking fantastic!

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