Tuesday 3 August 2010

Be part of the Legend

So Lionhead have drawn their newest card. Now, anyone who pre-orders the game and gets a code for doing so from participating retailers can get in on one of the best pre-order deals I have seen in a while.

Sure you get the awesome game with all its bits and pieces, but what they have now offered is called, The Villager Maker. The new piece of awesomeness found on the Fable III splash page attached to Xbox.com allows you to not only create your own NPC for the game, with headgear, facial expressions and clothing, but also allows you to create his personality AND also make him a start of a quest in the final game! Your world therefore has its own, special NPC who not only has his own character but also his or her own quest as well!

I'd say thats a pretty fantastic deal, and with everything else as well the pre-orders will be flying in for the newest title.

However there is some bad news. PC gamers are going to have to wait for their trip into Albion as the PC game has been kept back so they can 'optimise the gaming experience' for both platforms. All good though when you think of what your waiting for!

Will keep you posted as always with news. But, comment and check out the links around the site.

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