Sunday 8 August 2010

Snowy Climbs & Boxer Dogs

So I had a look through the Lionhead forum for anything I might have missed and stumbled upon a few more screenshots from within the game. They look pretty ace and seem to show a slightly more 'evil' hero with his pallid skin tone and the deep black of his hair.

He seems as if he is hitting with two weapons there, but I think its just the way he is swinging it. Shame, would have been interesting to have a duel weapon attack.

Now we see his 'darker' persona getting shown with the skin tone I mentioned before. As well as that he seems to have a pretty high level rifle or blunderbuss in his hands, looking very crafty that's for sure.

Now we get a good look at his clothes, which are all from colder climbs...and pretty bad ass looking as well. His tuned up sword, AND the cool boxer dog that you get from ordering the limited edition of the game. Looks fantastic and really hope we get to see a worked on dog this time around. If its anything like the Mabari Hound from Dragon Age this time, rock on!

Going to be going back to Fable II this week I think to try and get a 'definitive' profile going since I screwed up my last one!

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