Saturday 14 August 2010

Need another Controller?

So the Fable III hype train is working hard, and with this fancy new addition to the games 'apparel' roster gamers will have something more to shell out for. Its going to be an expensive hobby being a Die Hard Fable fan come October!

"The Fable III Limited Edition Wireless Controller starts shipping to stores on October 5, giving fans plenty of time to pick it up before the game arrives on October 26. $59.99 grants you the controller lovingly nestled in collectible packaging, and an Xbox Live token for an exclusive in-game downloadable tattoo, to give your character that distinctive "I bought the tie-in controller" look."

Pretty ace, or pretty ugly? You decide.


  1. Looks nice. Wish they would make a wired version for PC's. (Hopefully, Fable 3 for the PC will support controllers)

  2. It should do if its a Games for Windows, no worries.