Sunday 22 August 2010

Fable Video Mayhem!

In keeping with the games 'rustic aesthetic' we have a plethora of awesome videos below from the past few days. Sure its a lot of videos, and all in one is a big push...but damn it man, this is Fable III!

Below there is not only information on the gameplay, some fighting in the Sam & Max quest where you have to go find Mrs Spade, but there's also a fantastic section of the game showing off Simon Pegg as Ben Finn! Also check out the awesome interview with the man himself, Peter Molyneux.

The road to rule has never looked so fantastic. Can't wait for the game to come out, and going to be heading back to the world of Albion today to get my freak on and complete it 100% hopefully this time before release!

Check out that cheeky smile at the top of the article, that's a telling smile!

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