Friday 22 October 2010

'Whuts goin' on 'ere 'den?'

No I haven't lost my mind. But the new lot of screenshots I just dug out should make you think about how awesome Fable III is going to be...Yes, above me here is an interesting picture of a fellow that looks a lot like Scotland Yards finest sleuth, the masterful Sherlock Holmes. Now of course he won't be in the game, but this does look rather interesting doesn't it?

Now look below...

If this isn't a mind bender of a screenshot I don't know what is! It seems as if our unlucky hero has become a pawn in a giant world run by a secret sect of some kind...very spooky. And if you want to get your Halloween/Evil on, then look no further than...

Now I love those horns, and the evil looks oh so good and evil this time around. Maybe I will quickly run through Fable II as an evil son of a chicken after all and make Albion a very dark place to live indeed.

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