Friday 22 October 2010

DLC Overload?

As if we didn't have enough exclusive content, it seems that we now have even more...for those who are quick off the mark that is. In new copies of the game there will be downloadable content for the people of a Celtic persuasion. Check out the news from Epic Battle Axe below...

Following what is quickly becoming an industry standard, Microsoft will be including a code in launch copies of Fable III that gives early adopters a crack at some exclusive launch day DLC, including new outfits, a new skin for your dog, and some intriguing potions.

According to the press release posted on Gamasutra, the one-time use code will net you the following perks:

• Call forth undead minions to your aid with the Raise Dead Potion
• Extend battle time for more attacks with the Slow Time Potion
• For the fashionably conscious, try on and keep the Scot Male Hero Outfit or the Scot Female Hero Outfit
• Looking to get inked? The Highlander Tattoo Set will be perfect for your hero or heroine
• With the Red Setter Dog Skin, you can transform your faithful furry companion into a whole new breed

Picking up Fable III at launch? Let us know what you think about the new DLC in the comments below!

Sounds pretty good, and lets hope that I can get my hands on this before its too late!

Exclusive Launch Material

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