Friday 22 October 2010

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words...

Some fantastic new screenshots from the world of Albion. Here we see the Hero reading in a ruin of some kind, and with all those ruins and skeletons around it sure looks like things are going to be dark and brooding.

And here we see a fantastic little image of the house that we will be frequenting when we are relaxing in the world of Albion. As was pointed out on the forums for Lionhead, the fairy tale feel is certainly still there.

And now we have some fantastic looks at the people of Albion. Can't wait to meet the cast of this wonderful game and here their lines, to make you laugh, cry and love.

And here's Mario from Assassins Creed II! In all his moustache and long haired glory...reminds me of a certain reality TV singer on at the moment in the UK.

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