Monday 25 October 2010

Dress Like an Albion-ite!

So we know the game is coming out this week. And we know that there are loads and loads of awesome DLC to get with the game. There's also a book, and a controller to go with the awesome Fable-ness that we are getting. But how about a t-shirt like the one next to this chunk of text? What if you could wear one of the Reaver branded t-shirts while you get it on with the people of Albion and adventure on your road to power.

And this isn't the only t-shirt on sale by the kind folk from Lionhead. As you noticed in the marriage video below there is an awesome set of t-shirts to be owned by the public, and here they are below.

Check out the fancy wears and be sure to get one before they become ebay property and are so sought after even Logan couldn't get his hands on one!

Apparel for all...or die!

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