Wednesday 19 January 2011

Peter Molyneux Honoured

The master of Albion, the King of Lionhead and the basically all round nice guy of gaming Peter Molyneux will be honoured at this years GDC event with a Life Time Achievement award! Starting out with floppy discs and Bullfrog Peter has worked his way up through the industry to be one of the great visionaries of the modern day. With classics like Black & White, Dungeon Keeper, The Movies, and Fable under his belt he has given Britain a good name as a developer of games.

Molyneux has always been a man to look forwards and not backwards when it comes to his games and his thirst to see change and growth in the industry has stoked the fires of imagination in many a game developer. With a long time still ahead of him we're all hoping that Peter has many more tricks up his sleeve, and if he can wrangle a few of them past his now tired and over worked PR people then that's grand too.

Raising a pint glass to Mr Molyneux here at The Bloody Stump.

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