Monday 20 December 2010

New Fable Fansite

A long time ago now I was part of a fansite for the Fable franchise called Well, after that fell through under numerous problems I thought my days of being a Fable addict on the internet were over...until I started this blog up.

Well, some of the members of the previous site have started their own little bastion of Fable dorkness in order to revive some of the passion for the game, and also to bring together another community on the scale of I love the idea of fansites and the sense of community they bring, as well as the mass amount of fun you can have with like minded individuals.

Check out the link here to see it for yourself, and for your future reference the site is

See you there, here, Lionhead forums and even in the world of Albion. Take care, and merry Christmas to everyone!

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